14 thoughts on “A Visit to Jamaica”

  1. Today I ordered a bag of the Jamaica Rum Flavor Coffee. I hope to have it before the snow starts here in Colorado. I plan on enjoying it every morning at work. Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the morning off. And the aroma should just set the mood for a wonderful morning. I will let you all know how much I like it soon. AJ in Colorado Springs Co

  2. Peter will you expand your coffee line in local and abroad supermarkets/retailers? Like Walmart, Meijers…I just saw yesterday at grocery store that Mcdonalds are now selling Keurig K cups….if they can do it I know you can.:)…

  3. Once you guys get well established, do you think we in good old London, England will get some of your wonderful sounding coffee?

  4. I just finished my first cup! Tears…of. ..joy!
    My favorite combination Bold, smooth, and the rum makes it sooo special! My order came super fast and the extras in the box was a really nice touch. My only complaint is that I only ordered 1 box but thats an easy fix. Being a diehard coffee fanatic I need auto delivery!
    Thanks to whoever told me about this coffee!

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